BASIS Chandler Schools are Top Choice for Academic Excellence

BASIS Chandler Schools are Top Choice for Academic Excellence

BASIS Chandler Schools

BASIS Chandler Schools Outperform China: Meet the New Mecca for Academic Excellence

Imagine this: Chandler schools where fifth graders take Latin, sixth graders study algebra, AP Calculus is a graduation requirement, and high schoolers plan for careers as neurosurgeons or investment bankers. Virtually the entire high school graduating class is accepted into top tier colleges, many with full scholarships. No, it’s not a parent’s impossible dream: it’s happening right here at BASIS Chandler, part of the BASIS charter school network. While many U.S. public schools struggle to reach even a passable score on international exams, students in the BASIS charter school network are outperforming their counterparts in Shanghai. BASIS schools are boosting Chandler real estate values, too, as parents seek to purchase Chandler homes for sale that bring their families closer to these top performing charter schools.

BASIS Chandler: Why this Charter School is in Top Demand

BASIS Chandler is a part of the BASIS network of charter schools, recognized by The Washington Post as one of “America’s Most Challenging High Schools”, thanks in part to its accelerated curriculum. The BASIS network of schools includes schools in Flagstaff, Goodyear, Mesa, Oro Valley, Peoria, Phoenix, Prescott, Tucson and Washington, D.C. These charter schools serve a unique niche, targeting suburban, middle class families who worry about Arizona’s lackluster public school system and weak curriculum. BASIS is different; the school offers an accelerated curriculum and a school culture where it’s “cool to be smart.”

More than half of BASIS’s teachers hold Master’s Degrees and some hold PhDs, according to Education Next. Many come to teaching by way of other academic fields, including neuroscience research, linguistics and computer programming. Teachers receive bonuses based on the number of students who pass AP exams. The result: a talented, highly driven team of educators driving an ambitious curriculum forward. Fifth graders take Latin and should expect at an average of 90 minutes of homework per day. Algebra begins in sixth grade and AP calculus is a graduation requirement. Middle schoolers tackle nine hours per week of biology, chemistry and physics. By high school, students are studying literature, philosophy, political rhetoric, linear algebra and vector calculus, with many students going beyond the standard AP curriculum.

Thanks to this accelerate curriculum, some high school students having enough credits to graduate after 11th grade. These students can choose to head to college a year early, or dedicate their senior year to post-AP level classes and a yearlong project. Recent senior projects include investigating the link between diabetes and depression and the effects of music therapy on autism.

How to Select a Chandler School if Academic Rigor Tops the List

Parents who are seeking a strong college preparatory education for their children can choose from a wide range of options, including district public schools, charter schools, and private schools. Traditionally, private college preparatory schools offered the strongest academic programs, with an emphasis on Advanced Placement (AP) coursework that can earn college credit or International Baccalaureate (IB) programs that bring an international perspective to education. But private prep schools can be expensive, and the cost of attendance can put a serious financial strain on middle class families. The BASIS network of charter schools offers an attractive alternative: rigorous academics without the high price tag associated with elite private prep schools.

How to Choose Between Chandler Schools: 5 Questions to Consider When Selecting a School for Your Child

When selecting a school for your child, Chandler Realtor Cathy Carter recommends keeping the following five questions in mind:

  1. What are the academic and other program requirements? BASIS Chandler, for example, requires all students to complete a rigorous AP program, including AP Calculus to graduate; students must pass a comprehensive exam in each course to progress to the next grade level.
  2. What are the homework expectations? BASIS Chandler students have extensive homework requirements that align with the BASIS belief that “success is derived from applying oneself”, regardless of special needs, individual giftedness, or socio-economic privileges or challenges. Parents are expected to be actively involved in holding students accountable for successfully completing assignments.
  3. What are the college acceptance rates/merit scholarships? Upon graduating from BASIS Chandler, students are prepared to enter rigorous and accelerated academic programs at top-tier universities, including Ivy League and elite liberal arts colleges. The 2015 graduating class earned over $29 million in scholarships to colleges and universities, averaging $119,598 per graduate.
  4. Are students required to take AP exams? Virtually every academically rigorous program will have an AP or IB requirement.
  5. Are there opportunities to shadow a student prior to enrollment? Each school has a unique culture and set of expectations. Students at BASIS Chandler, for example, describe the school as a mini “academic oasis” where teachers cultivate intellectual curiosity and grades matter more than other traditional hallmarks of high school success, like athletic performance. That said, BASIS Chandler, like other BASIS schools has extremely limited performing arts and athletic facilities. While students can participate in charter league sports, the most popular extracurricular activities include chess club, Model UN, and cribbage club.

Moving for Better Schools: Why Choose Chandler AZ

For parents who worry about their child’s academic future, relocating to Chandler, Arizona offers strong opportunities for academic success. Popular, in-demand charter schools like BASIS Chandler instill in students a lifelong love and respect for learning. BASIS emphasizes the importance of self-reliance and hard work for individual success, empowering students with the skills and resources they need to invent, design, and create. BASIS schools are based on a simple, pushing-the-boundaries philosophy: “very few things bringer greater joy than overcoming personal limitations, inside the classroom or out.” For parents of academically gifted students who worry their students will not be sufficiently challenged in a public school classroom, BASIS Chandler may be the ideal academic fit.

In addition to high-performing schools like BASIS, the Chandler community also offers other award-winning schools a strong economy, state-of-the-art retail developments and luxury homes, making the community of the most desirable places to live. While a number of different factors may play a role in your final home buying decision, if academic excellence is one of them, consider Chandler real estate during your house

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