The Certo Team – Your Chandler AZ Top Broker

The Certo Team – Your Chandler AZ Top Broker

Finding the Right Mortgage Broker


When buying a home, one of the questions you will have to answer is where your financing will come from. As you shop for a mortgage, you will need to decide whether you will work with a broker or directly with a bank. Banks and brokers both bring benefits and drawbacks to the table for those shopping for Chandler AZ real estate, but if you are looking for the most variety in your mortgage offerings, a broker is the best option. A broker can pull mortgage offerings from a number of lenders, giving you more options and the best opportunity to find a mortgage that fits.


In many instances, a broker is the better option for the home buyer because of this variety. While the services of a broker are not free, in many instances the fee is paid by the lender, not the home buyer. This makes it an affordable way to “shop” for a mortgage without spending the time necessary to call multiple lenders. It also ensures that you have plenty of variety as you consider your Chandler AZ mortgage options.


Brokers are also creative in helping buyers with extenuating circumstances find loan products that fit their needs. If you have poor credit, are needing to buy with a small down payment or want a special type of mortgage product, working with a broker may improve your chances of finding a loan that is a good fit.


Looking for a Broker? Consider The Certo Team!


Talk to any Chandler AZ REMAX realtor and you will get a number of answers as to which broker is best. However, I have found that one group stands out from the crowd in our area. If you ask me,  I will wholeheartedly recommend Michael Certo and his team of mortgage professionals. Here Is why I recommend The Certo Team.


The Certo Team is led by Michael Certo, graduate of Ball State University, who has built a strong reputation from his years of experience in business and mortgage consulting. For the past 12 years, he has been one of the area’s top mortgage consultants, striving to obtain the best financing scenarios for clients from all walks of life. His commitment to customer service has earned him the President’s Club and Circle of Excellence Honors eight times at three different corporations.


Michael started The Certo Team in 2013, and has been growing his group rapidly ever since. The Certo Team has four Senior Loan Officers who each have over a decade of experience, as well as two Production Coordinators to ensure that all clients have accurate, thoroughly reviewed documentation to ensure a smooth transaction once a mortgage has been chosen. In 2015 in order to better serve his clients, Michael Certo joined Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporations as a branch manager for the Chandler area. This positions him well to assist those in the Chandler AZ real estate market.


Over his years in the mortgage industry, Michael Certo has earned a reputation of being the “guideline junkie.” He has a passionate desire to stay up to date with products and how they can help clients with extenuating circumstances. This deep knowledge allows him and the rest of the team to determine the right product and lender for each client.


Client Communication and Customer Service a Top Priority


So why do I recommend The Certo Team? If you are a client of The Certo Team, you will benefit from competitive rates, open communication and honesty in every step of the way. The team is dedicated to providing outstanding customer service and thorough communication, so clients always know what the status of their loans is. Clients can fill out applications online, over the phone or in person, whichever is the most convenient, and loan updates are sent automatically, in real time the moment they occur, to keep clients aware of what is happening with their loan application.


Each Tuesday, Production Coordinators send emails to all parties involved in the loan process to provide updates with where the transaction is, even if no pertinent updates have occurred. Clients are able to contact the team whenever they wish, including nights and weekends, via phone or email.


In order to ensure client inquiries are always answered, The Certo Team utilizes a Team Line to ensure you always have a prompt response. If you call after hours or on weekends, the Team Line rings all of the loan officer’s phones. If no one is available to answer immediately, all of the officers will receive a voicemail, and you will get a response quickly.


The Certo Team’s Unique Objective


The Certo Team is unique among mortgage brokers because their goal is not to sell loan products. Because of the business and investment experience of the loan officers, they work hard to help clients obtain the best debt strategies to help create long-term wealth. From considering creative down payment options to discussing the key benefits and drawbacks of each program, the team works hard to find the right mortgage products to fit their clients’ immediate needs and long-term goals. They also provide education to ensure that each client has a clear understanding of their financing and how to maximize their credit and purchasing abilities in the future.


This drive to help Arizona buyers find the right products and provide education about down payment options, including down payment assistance, has left a footprint in the community. In 2015 The Certo Team closed over 100 loans that utilized down payment assistance grants and allowed clients to get in to a home with little money down.


Whether you are looking for down payment assistance or simply want to ensure that your loan is able to help you meet your financial goals, I will happily recommend The Certo Team. If you have further questions about finding the right broker or your own piece of Chandler real estate, contact me, Cathy Carter, your Chandler AZ REMAX realtor for assistance today.

Cathy Carter
Cathy Carter
I have been in Real Estate industry for over 20 years in the Arizona market. I have the ability and confidence along with continued education that is in constant need and is very necessary to succeed in this ever-changing market. I Specialize in difficult to move properties in the Phoenix Metropolitan Area. Quick to respond to all tasks required. Equator Certified Platinum for Bank owned homes and Short Sales as well.

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